QLD contemporary shed design

5 Contemporary shed designs your customers will love

Recent years have seen some really unique contemporary shed designs and ideas. As a shed retailer, or as anyone in the business of steel sheds and structures, providing your customers with the latest and greatest in shed designs and concepts will set you ahead of the pack. 


Provide unique, awesome designs that improve the outdoor lifestyle of your customers and your word of mouth referrals are sure to skyrocket — as impressed friends and family members continually ask the question: “where the heck did you get this!?” 


We take a look at 5 different contemporary shed and structure designs that your customers are sure to love.

#1 — The Man Cave

Man Caves have been a popular addition to many Australian homes for a number of years, and the lockdowns of recent years have only grown these contemporary sheds in numbers, as people look to add more space and enjoyment to their properties. 


As the name suggests, a man cave is a retreat that can be escaped to, to enjoy a space that is entirely ‘your own’. Man caves tend to be focused around the males of the house (we get to ‘She Sheds’ and ‘We Sheds’ shortly), and are designed around providing the perfect ‘dudes sanctuary’. This isn’t to say that man caves are exclusive to the boys in the house. But it’s a space dedicated to celebrating all the things they love.

Design considerations

Think pool tables, darts boards, comfortable couches in front of big TV screens for watching sports and playing video games, and space for a bar fridge or even a home bar. 


The best design for these contemporary sheds is going to be one that allows for all of these elements — or, even better, if this specifically fits the purpose of the dudes in question — avid fishermen may want a big wall of fishing lures and tackle on display, handy dudes may want space for a workbench, and crafty dudes may like space to finesse their art. 

Contemporary shed design ideas

Here are some contemporary shed design options and ideas to help you design the perfect steel shed man cave.

QLD contemporary shed design

#2 — The ‘She Shed’

Much like the man cave, a ‘she shed is a contemporary shed that is dedicated to the enjoyment of the lady, or ladies of the house. 

Design considerations

Think open, airy and welcoming. She Sheds are often a great space to chat with friends, host morning teas, escape from the children (and the husband) for a bit, be creative, meditate, relax with a good book and a warm cuppa, and/or create or craft something beautiful. The use of this space will of course depend on the lady in question — so discovering the purpose of this space is the first step to ensuring that all of the right design considerations are taken care of.

Contemporary shed design options

Cute shed design

#3 — The ‘We Shed’

The ‘we shed’ is the more inclusive contemporary shed version of the man cave or she shed. Rather than having separate spaces dedicated to the celebration and enjoyment of the ladies and mean of the house, a ‘we shed’ can either be a combined enjoyment and escape space that allows a retreat for both, or it can be a space with two separate areas, that are joined or connected in some way — promoting togetherness as well as dedicated enjoyment spaces.

Design Considerations

The biggest design considerations here will be how to incorporate the elements that everyone in the household will love into one space. 

QLD Shed design two sheds with a white car

Contemporary shed design ideas

#4 — The garden retreat

Not all sheds and steel structures are the traditional four steel walls. This is particularly true for contemporary sheds. A garden retreat can be created that provides protection from the elements while incorporating greenery and growth. 

Design Considerations

Garden retreats can resemble greenhouses, with plenty of space for large, open windows or open sections (without the glass) for even more connectivity with nature. They could also be in the form of open-side awnings – providing a structure for climbing plants to grow from while presenting a stylish outdoor dining space.

Design options for contemporary sheds

A big metal barn in a green field

#5 — The Micro Shed

With housing sizes across many locations getting smaller and smaller, many in suburban areas simply don’t have the space for a large shed. Enter the micro shed — the contemporary sheds making maximum use of minimal space.

Design Considerations

The biggest consideration here is to look at the space that is available, including both horizontal and vertical space, as well as the intended use. 

Contemporary sheds design ideas