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Harness the power of instant quoting.

Quotec NOW is a revolutionary new software and premium upgrade for your Quotec Live licence, turning your existing retailer website into an interactive, DIY design and instant quoting experience.

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World-first technology, a lead-capturing machine.

Quotec NOW changes the way you interact with your customers, streamlines the quoting process and provides a compelling reason for interested parties to leave their details.

This industry-first plug-in tool works in your existing website, providing a simplified, customer-facing version of Quotec Live, where anyone can design and quote their own custom shed or structure, right on your website, and in real-time. To access their instant quote, web visitors must input their details into a quick and easy form, which goes straight to you to follow up and make it happen.

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Interested parties on your site become qualified leads. Maximising your potential profits.

Your website visitors will have to provide contact information for your website to reveal the instant quote for their design. This means there’s a strong incentive for online visitors to leave their details and become a lead.

In this way, Quotec NOW helps you to capture more quality leads and turn interested parties into warm, qualified prospects. Maximise your profits and get ahead of the game with this revolutionary tool.

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To Subscribe or Upgrade to Quotec Now

How it works

Step One

Sign up to Quotec NOW + Quotec LIVE, or upgrade your current subscription.

Step Two

Install Quotec NOW on your site

Step Three

Website visitors get real-time quotes and can design their own shed or structure, right on your website.

Stay ahead of your competition

This world-first, ground breaking technology transforms how you reach potential customers, keeping you ahead of the game and helping to boost your profits.

This instant online quoting system has never existed in the marketplace. Until now. Revolutionise the way your business interacts with potential customers so that you can maximise your profits, and stay ahead of the competition.

Minimum Operating Requirements:

For Quotec NOW to work with your website:

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Stay ahead of your competition and harness the power of instant quoting to increase your potential revenue. Enquire now to upgrade your existing Quotec Live membership to include Quotec Now, or to sign up as a new Quotec customer.

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