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The end-to-end design & quoting platform you can run your entire business from.

Quotec Live makes it easy to drive your shed business forward

Quotec LIVE is an industry-leading quoting tool utilising the latest technology to allow you to design, engineer, quote and order sheds and structures. This specialised, cloud-based application was developed by seasoned visionaries with over 45 years of industry experience in sheds, retail, software and design.


Intuitive, competitive and efficient, Quotec LIVE is a total game-changer in the steel building industry. Quotec LIVE enables you to stay highly competitive and ahead of the game in a price-driven market, while increasing your profit margins as you see fit.

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Design & engineering made easy

Quotec LIVE was designed to increase your profit margins and empower you to effectively design and calculate steel structures, without the need for extensive effort, product knowledge, or engineering qualifications.

Your design created easily, complete with engineering specs

With Quotec LIVE you can design a shed with doors, windows, insulation and whatever else you like, complete with all the necessary engineering specifications. Quotec Live can even calculate the correct wind speed and terrain category for you when you enter the site address. Removing the need for manual guesswork.


Our sheds are fully engineered and come with an engineering certificate of compliance to the site that they are to be constructed on.

Quotes, payment, order, completion. All at the click of a button.

After creating the design, the software will give your prospect an instant quote for all the elements required, at the press of a button. If you like that quote, you can purchase the Bill Of Materials to order the shed, either through your suppliers or ours. If you are a Quotec Kit reseller, the ordering process is sorted for you. 


With our Kit and BOM options, you can choose how you would like to use Quotec. 


Our Quotec Kit resellers do not have to worry about the order – you can have the whole shed order taken care of for you – meaning we can have all of the raw materials consolidated and delivered to your customer’s door. 


For BOM subscribers, you purchase the shed Bill of Materials and can complete the ordering using your own suppliers, our suppliers, or a mixture of yours plus ours.

Stay highly competitive in a price-driven market

As a retailer, price is usually the number one priority. Our live quoting software allows you to price, modify and re-price, all at the click of a button. If an initial quote is too high for your customer, you can modify your design on the spot and present alternative options to get them over the line.

The connections to secure competitive pricing for you

You can use your own suppliers, with their pricing easily uploaded into your Quotec LIVE system, or you can use ours. If you choose to use our providers, you benefit from relationships strengthened over decades and pre-negotiated, competitive pricing. But you always maintain the freedom to choose your suppliers. So you can take advantage of cost savings and greater transparency in your dealings.

Easy, complete job and customer management features

Quotec was created by a team of experts with real industry experience to bridge the gap between the supplier and customer and provide a seamless user experience. This changes the way you trade and increases your efficiency. Quotec LIVE provides you with job management, engineering and CRM tools, allowing you to run your entire shed retail business from one place, and efficiently.

Work more efficiently, free up your team

Quotec LIVE is an industry-leading tool that will empower you to run your business more efficiently, whilst also making you a highly competitive player in a price-driven market. Reduce time spent on manual calculations and designs, ordering logistics, thorough checkovers and updating spreadsheets of numbers. Quotec LIVE frees up your team to get more done than ever before.

Increase your profit margin

Quotec LIVE helps you keep control of your profit margins easily. Set pre-decided margins, configure costs for the materials, erection, slab, and council costs, and come up with a total price at the click of a button.

No lock-in contracts. Ever.

We exist to make your life easier and to increase the success of your shed retail business. That’s why we will never lock you into extensive contracts with long terms and detailed conditions. We are passionate about maintaining an ethical business model that helps our customers to succeed. That’s why our packages are on a month-to-month basis, with cancellation at any time.

Real-time insights to improve performance

Not only can you run your entire shed business with Quotec Live, but you’ll also be able to see real-time statistics and performance at a glance in one place. See stats on leads, sales volume, closure rate, margins, business activity and more, in one central dashboard accessible anytime, anywhere via any smart device. You’ll get valuable insight into your performance so you can see the areas you need to address to improve it.

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Customer relationship management (CRM)

Quotec LIVE’s CRM integration enables you to keep all your documentation and communication with your customers in one place, with multi-user access for a streamlined, efficient management process.

Q-Engineering features

Use our engineering or code your own to design your complete structure, with all the engineering specifications needed. Quotec LIVE is the most intuitive piece of shed software in the market today. With the AUNZ engineering standard as a default, Quotec can also incorporate any other engineering standard; British, US, and more, with C section portal frames, angle, tube, pipe, universal, steel beams, or timber, portal, and truss design.

Job management

Schedule the manufacture of your shed designs simultaneously with multiple projects within Quotec LIVE’s job management functionality.

Quotec Live Features & Benefits

3D Live Design

Build your steel structure in real-time, with accuracy and speed, and to engineering standards.

Work from anywhere

Cloud-based application, nothing to download. Runs on windows, iOS, tablet and on any browser.

Auto upgrades​

Always up to date. Eliminates error & saves money.


Continual product development to help you sell more, make more.

Unlimited cloud storage​

Safe & secure. Access your job from anywhere in the world.

Single or multi-user access

Admin & sales software. Management has full vision over sales staff, business activity and performance statistics across the board.

Save time, increase efficiency with job management

Run your entire shed business from within Quotec. Job management CRM module.

Flexible - works how you want it to

Buy the BOM and use your suppliers or ours to order materials. Or have this done for you as a Kit reseller.

Industry software, personalised to you.

You brand it. Our software, your company image.

Low subscription fee, cancel whenever you like.

No lock-in contracts​. Low monthly subscription fee.

Shed & structure pricing is calculated for you

Auto pricing that stays up to date removes human error or underselling. Use your own supplier’s pricing or ours, calculate the shed, slab, materials, erection, and extras.

All at the click of a button.

When you purchase a shed on our software you get immediate access to the Bills of Materials, purchase orders, and engineering certificate of compliance. Send the purchase orders to your suppliers or use ours.

Try our software for 7 days for FREE

Universal building design software. Builds to all engineering standards.

Quotec Live can incorporate AUNZ, British, US, or any other engineering standard. With options to design buildings manufactured from C section portal frames, angle, tube, pipe, universal, steel beams or timber, portal and truss design.

Minimum Operating Requirements:

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