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Our Company

Quotec was founded by a specialised group of industry experts that have origins in the pre engineered steel building industry since 1974.

With over 40 years expertise brought to Quotec by its dedicated team, Quotec combines a wealth of experience in manufacturing, engineering and software. Quotec presents its customers with unmatched solutions that simplify business processes and expand capabilities.

Our business solutions perform seamlessly because we understand and attend to our customer’s needs, intimately.

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Delivering Our Mission.

Our mission is to lead the pre-engineered steel building industry through innovative engineering solutions and software technologies.

We persistently strive to position our customers at the forefront of the industry, through our dedication and commitment to the delivery of ultimate services.

Believing Our Values.

Our company and our people are committed to achieving our mission with dedication and passion. We value our customers, partners and colleagues and continually deliver the highest of standards because we believe in excellence.

We thrive on challenges because we are the leaders in the industry, not the followers. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

Innovative Steel Design & Quoting Software

Steel Building Made Easy

Quotec is a unique industry first software platform offering a complete sales system that designs, costs, and orders pre-engineered steel buildings. This steel building design software accurately and efficiently delivers a superior alternative to current length and costly multi-pronged processes.

The simple interface of the Quotec software allows users to design pre-engineered steel buildings, from small domestic sheds to large industrial and commercial factories. In fact, Quotec software is so simple to use that even users without experience can design a tailor made building unique to each customer in just minutes.

From the initial quote to finalising the building order, Quotec calculates and accurately details:

Cost and Retail Prices

Quotec offers you access to Australia’s big name suppliers when quoting on a project. You can easily switch between final cost and retail prices while monitoring your profit margins.

Bill Of Materials

One click on Quotec’s Bill of Materials icon provides you with, at any time, a complete overview of project costing’s. Once inside you can adjust product and suppliers to increase or decrease costs.

Architectural Drawings

The Quotec drawing engine processes and draws your plans whilst quoting on a project. View your new plans at any time by simply clicking the Architectural Plans icon. You can even print or e-mail.

Footing Details

Footing layout plans display the layout requirements for your project. Plans clearly display dimensions for footing bracket placement for awnings and all portal columns.

Domestic to Commercial

Quotec’s user friendly interface allows users to design pre-engineered steel buildings, from small domestic sheds to large industrial and commercial factories.

Manage Suppliers

Quotec Enterprise users gain additional flexibility in managing suppliers. Find the best cost price for your quote.

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One Click Easy Inbox

Quotec’s built in InBox provides you with a centralised place for managing your orders. It contains engineering drawings, certifications and purchase orders.

Streamlined Certification

Certifying jobs for approval has never been more user friendly. Once your quote is complete click the Certify icon. Finalise any project costs instantly with the click of a button, it’s so easy.

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Steel Building Design Software Products

Quotec delivers a range of industry appropriate steel building designs in its unique software for industries such as engineering and architecture. Covering everything from awnings to factories and much more, the steel building design software available from Quotec makes any job simple.

Take a tour to see in the Quotec system in action. From the initial building quote created in the software, to the building’s production managed by material suppliers, to the final building delivered to the end consumer. From shed designs to larger scale engineering, pre-engineered steel building sales could never be easier.

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Steel Buildings.

Quotec Designs and Quotes Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Rural buildings.

Quotec gives you access to big name Australian suppliers. You pay a fraction of the cost.

Garage & Carports.

Australia’s premier software solution for steel Garages, Skillion and Gable Carports.

1-Click Certification gives you fully compliant drawings – ready to go. It’s so easy!

Awnings & More.

Awnings, Access and Roller Doors, Windows, Gutters – simplified.

Achieve professional looking, Australian Industry Standards compliant quotes in a few clicks.

Special Projects.

No job is too big or too small. Quotec unlocks a world of options for your engineering.

Contact us for information on how Quotec can revolutionize your special projects.

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