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The industry's most flexible & user-friendly shed design & quoting software. 

Now with a world-first upgrade that turns your website into a lead capturing machine. Quotec Live + Quotec Now is the game-changing combo you need to unlock your shed business and maximise your revenue.

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No lock-in contracts, our suppliers or yours.

We believe in ethical business with a relationship-first approach. That’s why we’ll never lock you into an extensive or long contract. We’re here for you.


Our industry-leading software exists to maximise your sales and streamline your processes. Not to back you into a corner. With your subscription working on a month-by-month basis, you can leave at any time. But you won’t want to. Our innovative software is all you need.


With a focus on you, the user, you choose how you use Quotec. All-inclusive, DIY, or a mixture of both, your suppliers or ours. Quotec software works how you want it to.

Quotec Software

Quotec Live, or Quotec Live + Quotec Now.

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We offer full flexibility

Kit reseller

The all-inclusive option

Design, quote, and send everything off to be delivered to your end customer with the click of a button. 


The all-inclusive option. Build your design in our software, generate a quote and send it off for us to take over from there. We take care of the purchase orders, logistics, materials, suppliers, and delivery. The complete Kit of materials is delivered to the end customer. Easy.

Supply yourself

DIY or mix and match: BOM Buyer

Your suppliers. Our suppliers. Or a mix of both. As a BOM buyer, you have complete control over products, pricing and suppliers.


As a BOM buyer, you can choose to go ahead with our nurtured suppliers, who are already locked into great prices or use your suppliers. Design, quote and purchase engineering and Bill of Materials (BOM) – all the documentation you need to go ahead, so you can select the products, pricing and suppliers. Just import any preferred supplier information and pricing, and you are good to go.

Our range of software & products

Try our software for 7 days for FREE

Why do people love Quotec?

We're award-winning designers

We are award-winning and industry-leading designers recognised by national design awards. Our software is a leader in the shed and structure design and quoting industry. With the launch of our newest software, Quotec Now, we are also the designer of world-first, game-changing solutions.

Instant quoting

Our world-first software provides you with design and instant quoting functionalities. Quotec Live allows you to design, price and order all the materials for sheds and structures, easily and efficiently. The addition of Quotec Now turns your website into an interactive design and instant quote platform for anyone visiting your site. Streamlining your quote process and improving the customer experience to capture more leads from interested parties.

Flexible supplier arrangements

Choose from our suppliers, your suppliers, or a mix of both. We have options to suit any combination. You choose how you use Quotec. We are here for you.

Over 45 years in sheds

With over four and a half decades in the shed industry, our team are experienced in shed and structure design, build and retail, software development, and industry-leading innovation. We have extensive and long-standing industry relationships, contacts, experience and knowledge. 

No lock-in contracts

When you purchase a Quotec software subscription, you know you have flexibility and options. We will never lock you into a long term contract that you can't get out of. You get the peace of mind in knowing you can exit at any time (although you won't want to).

We supply or you supply

Go ahead with suppliers you already have relationships with, or take advantage of long-term partnerships we've built with providers over the past 45+ years. With Quotec software, you have the flexibility to work with whoever you choose. 

Try our software for 7 days for FREE

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An award-winning team with over 4.5 decades in the industry.

With over 45 years in the shed industry, we are experienced in the industry’s challenges, opportunities, and consumer-winning strategies. 


We have seen the industry change dramatically over the past 45 years. From basic spreadsheet calculations to local PC operated two-dimensional calculation tools to our ground-breaking and world-first industry software.

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design your own shed

The next generation of cloud-based shed design.

With Quotec Live, we introduced the next generation of shed design. The world’s first fully interactive cloud-based design and quote software. 


With Quotec Now, we have again created a world-first game-changer for the industry. Quotec Now is a premium upgrade to your Quotec Live Software which turns your website into an interactive quote and design platform for anyone visiting your website. Streamlining the customer journey and quoting process and allowing you to capture more leads.

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