Do You Need Shed Software?

Your ultimate tool for Sheds, Garages, Carports, Barns, Awnings and Mezzanines

What is Quotec Live?

Intuitive. Competitive. Efficient.

Quotec Live is specialised, cloud-based application that allows users to design, engineer, calculate and order sheds, garages, carports, awnings, barns & mezzanine floors. Developed by a close-knit team of visionaries, Quotec Live is a total game changer in the steel building industry.  This end to end tool, allows subscribers to not only run their entire shed business from one platform, but enables users to be highly competitive wholesalers in a price driven market.

Increase Your Profit Margins Today

Quotec Live is the most intuitive piece of shed software in the market today.  This tool will change the way you sell and run your business. Created by individuals who have extensive retail experience, Quotec Live was designed to empower users to effectively design and calculate steel structures with minimal effort or product knowledge, whilst also increasing profit margins for retailers. 

Work smarter, not harder...

  • 3D Live Designer Tool – Build your shed in real time, with speed and accuracy.
  • Auto Property Searches – Have the correct windspeed & terrain category calculated each and every time by entering site address. No manual guess work.
  • Kit or BOM - Order a Kit or purchase Bill of Materials. Choose the model that suits your business needs.
  • Margins: Set pre-decided margin, configure erection, slab, council costs and come up with total price with the click of a button.
  • Job Management: Schedule manufacture of your shed simultaneously with multiple projects enabling efficiency and predictability to your business.
  • CRM: A customer relationship management integration enables the user to keep necessary communication and documentation pursuant to job all in the one location with multi-user access.
  • Q-Engineering – use our engineering or code your own

Choose Your Business Model...

How do you fit into this industry? Have you been trading for years and looking to move with the times, or do you see opportunity in taking part of a multi-billion-dollar industry? Quotec Live will suit both the experienced trader or the budding entrepreneur. This is how we can help you.

Kit Reseller

Design, calculate & sell. Purchase a Kit from us and we will take all responsibility for the undamaged and timely delivery of your building to your end customer. That easy!

BOM Buyer

Want full control over products, pricing and suppliers? A BOM Buyer can design, calculate & purchase engineering & bills of materials (BOM). 

Start Your Free Trial Today

Want to see what all the hype is about? We want you to experience firsthand the world’s first fully interactive, cloud-based shed designer at your leisure. Follow link to have your mind blown away!

What Quotec Live can do for you

Quotec Live is the next generation in shed design software and is changing the pace of industry standards. As a retailer, number one priority is price. This tool will empower you run your business more efficiently, whilst also making you a highly competitive player in a price driven market. 

Created by a team of experts with real industry experience, Quotec Live will change the way you trade, bridging the gap between supplier through to customer.

The Quotec Edge

Over the last 45 years, the shed industry has dramatically evolved from basic excel spreadsheet calculations, to local-PC operated 2D dimensional calculating tools. Each process was limited by need to have live data updated, operating system compatibility and in-depth user knowledge of both the platform and industry.

Quotec Live is the next generation in this space enabling users to intuitively design, calculate and order steel buildings with limited industry knowledge. The Quotec Live platform has also been integrated with CRM and job management tools, document repository, customisable price files and proposal templates and ordering capabilities.

Quotec Live is not only where you can design and price a shed, but it is where your business operations begin and end.