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Our quoting and design platform is all you need to run your retail shed business. Developed with over 45 years of industry experience, our solutions are designed for shed retailers, builders, rural traders, shed erectors, and new business owners, streamlining the way you do business.

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Our software solutions increase your sales

Drawing from extensive experience in retail, design, software and the shed and steel structure industry, we are able to support your needs and help you increase your sales via our cloud-based and online software solutions, Quotec Live and Quotec Now.


We stand for quality, innovation, industry-leading technology, ethical business and a customer-first approach.
We are proud to be the only shed company to win an Australian Design Award for Engineering Excellence. A coveted national award.

What makes us different

Our Approach

We are here for you

We believe in ethical business. And we are here for the advancement of the shed industry. We have a relationship-first approach and want to help your business succeed. Our products exist to streamline your quoting, design and ordering processes and maximise your sales. We will never lock you into extensive, hard-to-get-out-of contracts.


We’ll never back you into a corner, either. With a genuine care for your business and success, we offer fully flexible options. You can choose how you use our software and how long for. We are confident that you will want to stay with us for a long time.

We become more like business partners

Working with us is not just about the software. It’s also about the experience and the help we provide. It’s about the partnership.


With decades of extensive industry experience, we are always happy to offer guidance and assistance.


We can support you with advice on sales, retail, manufacturing, installation, managing contracts and staff, and just about anything else related to shed retail or the shed industry.

Industry-leading shed software, designed for you using decades of experience.

Quotec Live is the industry’s leading cloud-based, end-to-end quoting tool with 3D design. This software is of superior quality that cannot be matched.


Quotec Live provides everything a seller needs to do to be able to run their business; checking and placing orders, scheduling delivery and construction, keeping track of customers, scheduling and sales, business performance and more.


And, with real-time performance data centrally located on your user dashboard/s, you’ll get valuable insights into your volume of leads, sales, closure rates, margins and activity – so you can see where to improve processes and profits.

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Transform interested visitors into warm prospects

With our latest innovation launched in 2022, Quotec Now, your website is transformed into the world’s first retailer online quoting tool. A tool any visitor on your website can engage with to design and quote their dream shed structure. Quotec Now turns your website into a lead capturing machine, allowing you to convert interested parties into warm prospects.

Innovative software that benefits your business

The Quotec Team

John Montesalvo, Quotec Director

John Montesalvo


Manufacturer, franchisor, licensor, retailer. 45 years industry experience, 20 years in shed software.  Prefers single malt whisky, cohiba cigars & calm lapping water views.


Jeff Butterworth

Lead Software Developer

34 years of developing software across debt collection, retail & shed industries for desktop, mobile and web. When not developing the best shed software, he can be found chilling in the surf.

Romina Roncali, GENERAL MANAGER Quotec

Romina Roncali

General Manager

12 years and going strong with Quotec. Experience in software & web development, digital media, retail sales, manufacturing & production. Catch her by the campfire strumming her guitar.


Matteo Roncali

Engineering & Design Specialist

Ex-shed erector, current project manager and specialist designer. 6 years experience in retail sales, building & construction.  You’ve never seen a human eat as much as this man can.