Custom Shed Designs: Manually Designed Bespoke Sheds

Bespoke engineer-designed sheds and structures

We can create custom engineered designs for just about any structure

Need an advanced design that is unique and outside the realms of normal shed design?

While our industry-leading software designs and quotes structures at the click of a button, we also have a team of experienced and passionate engineers and designers with extensive experience in the industry, who can bring your outside-the-box ideas to life.

Whether you need a triangular shed, a round shed, a very tall building or an extra-wide building, we are limitless in what we can design. We have the in-house skills to design and manufacture almost any building.

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Cute shed design

Have you heard of our DIY custom shed design software for shed retailers?

Quotec Live is our complete solution for running your own shed business. It’s the perfect shed software, as it allows you to run your entire business from one platform; while retaining your own freedom and calling the shots in your own business.

Quotec Live is advanced software for shed retailer and/or shed builder businesses — it allows you to design your own shed, with many customisation options. With Quotec Live’s shed builder, you can design your customer’s dream shed in our shed designer, choosing to customise design features and layouts like internal walls, the roof pitch, partition walls, mezzanine floors, standard windows or custom windows, doors, dimensions, colours,insulation, skylights, ventilation, awnings, and a range of other options to feature. The Quotec software will spec up your custom design, to engineering and construction regulations Australia. Once you’re done creating your shed design, you can hit the quote button, and quote it up to get the price. When your customers decide to go ahead, you can order the entire shed kit to be delivered to its residential or commercial build location, ready for construction/installation.

With Quotec Live, you can even choose to use your own suppliers, or our suppliers.

Need something extra special? We can do manual custom shed designs

While Quotec Live is in itself a custom sheds designer, as you can choose the design features, dimensions and more to suit your customers’ dream sheds, we also provide manual custom shed designs, for those extra special sheds that don’t fall within the realms of a shed designer.

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Special custom shed designs, smart decisions

With over 45 years of experience in the sheds industry, our designers are able to make smart decisions and think outside of the box for your special designs, to create a solution that is going to be a reasonable price for your prospect while ticking all the required boxes and maximising your own profit.


Our experienced team have saved countless shed buyers hefty sums over the years whilst helping our clients to achieve their sales goals at the same time. 

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By partnering with Quotec, we give you access to finance options through handypay™

BOM, purchase orders & engineering certificate

Our sheds are fully engineered and come with an engineering certificate of compliance to the site that they are to be constructed on. 

When we create a custom shed design for you, we will also provide you with the Bill of Materials and purchase orders. If you need help with the next steps, we can assist with those too.

Custom shed design for shed people, by shed people

We’ll get your Custom shed kits ready to go

We have been in the sheds industry for over 45 years, and have designed, erected and manufactured just about any kind of shed or structure you can imagine. Our team are experienced in custom shed kits and one-off custom shed designs.

Our special custom shed designs are created by shed people, for shed people. This means that the end product will fit together perfectly and your erectors will love you for it when the custom shed kits are assembled on site.

We're An Award-winning shed designer

Your go-to for thoughtfully designed custom sheds

Our designs won an Australian Good Design award in 1997 for Engineering Excellence. We are the only shed company to win this prestigious award. So you know you’ve got a custom shed you need designed outside the range of a shed designer software, our team are your go-to.

The Process: Here's how it works:

Request a manual shed design today

Get in touch with our team today to request a quote for any custom sheds you need designed outside the realms of a normal sheds design software. We’ll send you a price to get things moving and go from there. We’re here to support you with everything related to the business of sheds.

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