An example of a man cave with a bar, television and shorts equipment

The rise of the she shed & man cave

Man caves & she sheds

A man cave or a she shed is a private space that one member of the household has as their own personal retreat for rest, relaxation and downtime. Like going on a holiday in their own home, a man cave or she shed allows a person to have a space completely to themselves, decorated and fitted out to their individual style and filled with all of the things that make them happy. It’s a place for peace, enjoyment and relaxation. It’s a sanctuary. Where no work, chores, or the daily grind is allowed.

We sheds

We sheds combine a man cave and a she shed into one structure, either with two separate private spaces side by side or joined together with a communal relaxation zone. 

A ‘we shed’ can also be one space that any member of the family can escape to when they need some downtime, or a space to entertain guests or unwind together for some R&R. 

The key goal of man caves, she sheds and we sheds, is to have a space that is dedicated to relaxing, unwinding, enjoying hobbies and doing so in a space that is separate from the rest of the house. It’s a space personalised to whoever is using it.

Popular focuses

Man caves, she sheds and we sheds are usually centred around a theme based on their core purpose. They’re commonly focused on the following:

A place for an artist to unwind and find inspiration. These can take the look and feel that’s completely up to the imagination of the creator!

Games & entertainment

A place to enjoy some fun games, like pool, table tennis, darts and board games.

Hosting guests

Entertain guests, have a few laughs and unwind while keeping the party in one area. Often complete with home bars and dining areas. Placing these near an outdoor BBQ area would be ideal. 

Creative zones

A place for an artist to unwind and find inspiration. These can take the look and feel that’s completely up to the imagination of the creator!

Happy Friends Playing Charades

Music studios

Music zones are usually fitted out with band equipment, instruments, plenty of soundproofing foam, aircon, recording gear and comfy couches. Music zones are a place for musicians to play to their heart’s content.

Boating and fishing hubs

Avid fisherman, yacht person or a boater? Many man caves and we sheds are covered with walls of fishing equipment, tackle, photos of monster catches and more. Often, they’ll also be the storage place for a beloved boat.

Painting or craft rooms

Perfect for unwinding in a creative, relaxing space, painting and craft rooms are a place where an artist can allow their creativity – and the mess that comes with the trade – the flow.

On the other hand, with Australian steel you know what you’re getting. Quality.

Unrolled Grey Yoga Mat On the Floor In a Room

Gardening studios

Gardening studios can contain greenrooms of plant life or simply store all of a gardener’s gardening equipment, books and a coffee table and chair to quietly take it all in. Adding windows that can see into the masterpiece of the outside garden is a must.

Meditation zones and workout spaces

Yoga, stretching, quiet meditation (and for some, even working out) creates a sense of calm after a long day. Having a dedicated space to do this in, free from disturbance and distraction is ideal, and these are often the focus of man caves, she sheds and we sheds.

On the rise

Over the past 5-10 years, these retreats have become increasingly popular. Man caves have been around the longest. As they became more and more popular, the she shed was born and rapidly took off as a space dedicated to the lady of the house, creativity and relaxation. The idea of the we shed was created more recently and is slowly becoming more popular as families balance the need for downtime with the need for family time and togetherness. 

In the last few years, these spaces have become even more popular and important. Lengthy lockdowns have caused an influx of home improvement and those seeking to extend the room on their properties, add extra enjoyment or entertainment. And more time working from home has created the need for an escape within the home and a separation of work vs family vs downtime. This makes she sheds, man caves and we sheds an attractive concept.

Enter the shed retailer

What does all this mean for shed retailers? The savvy shed retailer will take advantage of the popularity of these spaces and their continued rise and popularity and will make it known to their customers that they can create a shed or structure fit for this purpose and customised to their needs. The wise shed retailer will not only market a specific offering for man caves, she sheds and we sheds, but will also create some ready-to-go designs as examples of what this could look like. While these can be made of any material, sheds are in the name and a steel structure could be a fantastic option for anyone looking for these private escape spaces. 

What this means for Aussie shed retailers

To take advantage of the popularity for she sheds, we sheds and man caves, Aussie shed retailers should consider several things. Firstly, as mentioned above, it’s important to first make sure that you have the options to deliver these items to your customers, it’s a good idea to both communicate and advertise this, and it would be wise to have a few ready-to-go designs on hand. 

Secondly, they need to ensure that they are ready to deliver an option that stands out from the host of others. How do they do this? They need to make sure that they can offer a structure that meets the needs and goals of the customers looking to add these spaces to their homes. A solution that will enhance your customers’ lifestyle is ideal. And out of the box thinking is encouraged.

This also signifies a broadening of the shed industry. Gone are the days of a ‘shed’ retailer simply offering just a steel structure for tools and garden equipment.
Good shed design software allows shed retailers to create sheds, mezzanines, garages, carports, barns, awnings and just about any steel structure you can imagine. This increases the possibilities of what you can create. It opens up a world of possibilities, with the main limit being your imagination.

Modern Grey Interior styled with wall art and furniture.

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