Our History

Early 70s
The beginning

Our fearless leader John Montesalvo was first introduced to sheds in the early 70s, at his father's shed business in Geelong, Victoria. He quickly discovered a strong passion for the industry.

Modern Garages

After working for Ford Motor Company in Geelong as a toolmaker in the mid-70s, John took the brave initiative to follow his own path as a budding entrepreneur by purchasing the existing business of Modern Garages in Slacks Creek.

By 1979, Modern Garages was manufacturing & retailing sheds across Queensland's East Coast. Modern Garages was one of the pioneers of the portal frame steel building manufactured from c-section. It was also one of the first shed franchisors in Australia. Modern Sheds boasted over 30 retail outlets from Cairns to Melbourne. In one week, the manufacturing plant in Yatala shipped over 120 kits out to its network. 

The beginning of Quotec

Modern Garages developed their first shed quoting platform called IDQ – Integrated Design & Quoting. This was eventually rebranded to Quotec. At the same time, Quotec was awarded the Australian Design Award (today known as the Australian Good Design Awards) for Engineering Excellence, for the bracketing system called TMTS (Total Moment Transfer System). This was and still is the strongest connecting system on the market.

Quotec maintains its position as industry leader

Since its creation in 1997, Quotec software was (and still is) the leading software solution for the Australian shed and structural steel industry. Initially run on a local Windows database (as was the technology of the time), the initial Quotec software geared individual retailers with tools to design, calculate and sell sheds and garages. Its unique and previously unheard of innovations brought Quotec straight to the forefront of industry-leading solutions. This position was maintained right through from its creation in 1997, throughout the entirety of the 2000s, and still continues today. 

The inception of Quotec Live

After more than two decades of providing leading industry solutions, the idea of Quotec’s groundbreaking innovation Quotec Live was formed in 2016. Our team of enthusiastic individuals started the creation of what was previously unheard of. 

Quotec Live, a world-first innovation for the shed industry

The introduction of Quotec Live saw a world-first innovation and a game-changer for the industry. In a previously unheard of development, we placed a shed design and calculation tool on the cloud in a realistic, fast and 3-dimensional form. This empowered shed retailers to make fast, educated, efficient and economical decisions about the design and costing of a structure on the spot.

Quotec Now, another game-changing new technology

The introduction of Quotec Now in early 2022 is another world-first technological advancement that has not been seen in the industry, until now. 

Quotec Now is the first and only public design and live quoting experience which plugs into any existing website. It’s here to turn your retailer website into a platform any of your website visitors can engage with to view and price their own shed. This provides a huge incentive for interested parties to leave their details, streamlines the quote and design process, and changes the way that you interact with your potential customers. Quotec Now is another game-changer for the shed retail industry.

Today and the Future of Quotec
Always innovating and at the forefront of advancement

Quotec today has maintained its leading edge, and our software and solutions are constantly evolving and upgrading as new technologies emerge. Our solutions are ever-evolving. We keep up with technological advancement to remain at the forefront of innovation and maintain a competitive advantage for our users.