A 3D Render of a one off shed design

One Off Special Designs

Sure, little morsels are sweet to the taste. I mean a 6 x 6 x 2.4 is easy peasy to sell and you can pick up $1,000 more or less for little work. Get a few of these up in a week and you’re doing ok. Or you might sell a farm shed or two and you’re making 5K for the same amount of work. Money for jam.

So, I am guessing you are working on anything from a 20-30% markup. After all, you can’t go much higher, as you need to be competitive. In fact, you always need to be competitive. And what’s more, it’s not always 20-30%, sometimes it needs to be 15-20 % or less to get the sale, as we all know.

What if you could get 40% + markup on a job?  

That markup is in Special Designs.

Have a look at this case in point. Here is a customer who came to us and had to have what he had to have. Below is what he came to us with. 

His total build cost from a traditional builder utilising fabricated trusses was estimated at 1.2 mill.

He thought that was a bit much and looked around and our name came up. We got to work and designed the building from a mixture of C section, Universal Beam and a block wall and this is what we came up with. 

The customer’s original brief…

Computer generated drawings of a one off special shed design

This was our base design prior to adding the bling…

A 3D render of a on off shed design showing the full render and the shed frame

Besides the experience of designing the building and solving the various problems that came along, we managed to save the client a hefty sum and we didn’t do too badly either. 

Who were competing against? No one. There wasn’t a single traditional shed manufacturer in the country that was prepared to tackle this job. We did, we saw opportunity.

Annotated plans for a one off shed design

At Quotec Live as well as having great shed software we have a particular knack for designing one-off special. We have developed this talent over the last 40 years and we rarely, if ever say no to an opportunity and neither should you. 

If your software supplier/franchisor/licensor cannot, or will not quote one-off specials, flick them over to us, we will. 

We will quote a price for the design. We will create the engineering, and provide the slab plans, BOM, purchase orders,  punching details and engineering certificate. All you do is place the order on the supplier of your choice as if it were a 6 x 6 x 2.4 shed.! 

Please feel free to visit www.quotec.com.au to see what we have to offer and if you feel like it please register for your free 7-day trial on the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art cloud-based shed software. 

Should you wish us to quote you a special project please send details of the project to support@quotec.com.au and on receipt we will contact you to discuss your needs or call Matt direct on 0415 706 485 in the initial distance should you prefer.