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How to Turn a Metal Shed into a Cosy Room: Your Comprehensive Guide

Thinking of building a shed that’s more like a getaway space for some serious rest and relaxation? Or maybe you’ve already got an existing shed but are looking for ideas on how to turn a metal shed into a room that you’ll love hanging out in?


Whether you’re a shed owner looking for ideas or a shed retailer looking for some design tips to create the perfect shed for your customer’s shed room project, we’ve got you covered. This guide looks at how to turn a metal shed into the ultimate chill out zone; before and after the shed has been built.


Are you a shed owner?

For shed designers and retailers

Before the build: considerations for shed designers and retailers

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Before you start the shed building process, and even before you start designing the shed itself, it’s important to take a moment to make sure you understand your customer’s vision and needs.


While they might tell you that they want to turn the shed into a room, what the room is actually used for will play a part in what the ideal design looks like. (On a side note, it will also likely affect the building approvals needed for the shed).


For example, will the shed be a quiet home office? A hobby workshop? A lively games room? A relaxing art studio? A cosy space to curl up in and read a book, watch a movie, watch a game with mates or play computer games in? Or is the shed going to turn into a room that guests can stay in when they come to visit (inlaws highly recommended for who gets relegated to the shed).


Knowing the intended use will really guide every design decision you make.


Let’s assume for example that your end-customer would like to turn their metal shed into a room that will double as another relaxation space.


These are some of the considerations that you can take into account for the shed design.

Design tips for sheds that double as relaxation rooms

If you’re a shed designer or shed retailer, there are certain things you can work into the shed design itself for the perfect shed relaxation zone.


Here are some of the top things you might want to consider for designing sheds that double as R&R rooms:

1. Consider insulation

Insulation can make a metal shed so much more comfortable to be in, especially if the intended use is a room that the customer is going to spend a fair bit of time in on weekends and evenings.

Insulation keeps the heat from becoming unbearable on the hot days, and helps to keep the warmth in on those freezing winter days (depending where you live in Australia of course). But another factor of insulation that you might not have considered is its noise-reducing effect.

Metal sheds that are going to double as rooms present much more relaxing spaces to be in (and sleep in if that’s ever going to be the intention) if some of the outside noise is reduced from seeping in. Insulation can go a long way towards this, and certain insulation options are better at this than others — so it pays to do the research. As a shed retailer, you may have a supplier that can help out with this, and you might be able to help them out with a good deal — or at the very least, you can make a few suggestions for your customer to look into — they’re sure to appreciate you going the extra mile in the name of excellent customer service. It’s the little things like this that can seriously boost your word-of-mouth referrals, too.

If the purpose of building a shed that doubles as a cosy room is for entertaining guests, the noise-reducing properties of a lot of the insulation options will also help keep the neighbours onside, you would imagine.

2. Design for ventilation

Good shed ventilation is pretty crucial to prevent the shed from becoming too stale, too humid, and prevent issues like condensation and mould. Good ventilation in a shed also just helps with air quality and comfort too — a through breeze is super underrated in the Australian summer.

So be sure to consider natural ventilation like airflow when you choose the placement of the shed (and its window and door placement) and ventilation elements like roof ventilators and whirlybirds.

3. Design for natural light

Natural light is a big one if your customer’s relaxation room is going to be used during the day. Consider big windows (that can also be covered up when you want a cosy nighttime entertainment space that feels private and secure) and placement for the best natural light.

natural light coming into a cosy space through a window

4. Place windows and doors carefully

Now is a great time to mention that the placement of the doors and windows of the shed should be chosen carefully. You won’t always get the best of both worlds for ventilation and natural light, depending on the yard space you have to work with and the facing of the property. So it’s important that you talk to the customer and weigh up what the priority is. The use of the shed is also important to take into account when looking at the window placement. For example, if the shed will be used for relaxation during the day, placement overlooking the garden features might be a nice touch.

5. Choose a roof type to suit the use

The type of roof that the shed has will really make a difference in the overall ‘feel’ of the shed. It can also impact on the functionality. Consider things like, will there be downlights or overhead fans installed in the shed? Does the shed need a good amount of overhead space? Do you want the shed to ‘feel’ spacious, or ‘cosy’? There’s an ideal roof type to suit every preference when it comes to sheds.

6. Factor in year-round weather conditions

This brings us to our next point: designing for weather conditions. If a metal shed is going to be turned into a room for rest and relaxation, entertainment or hosting get-togethers, some cooling (and potentially heating depending on where in Australia the shed is located) will go a long way to the shed’s comfort. This could be as fancy as air conditioning (if the shed is sealed tight enough for this), or it could be as simple as allowing space for an overhead fan. If an overhead fan would help, designing the correct support beams to allow for this will help.


Rain can of course also come into play when it comes to the weather and enjoyment of a shed, so be sure to install or design for the right weatherproofing features to prevent heavy rain from coming into the shed at the doorways.

cute garden shed decorated with plants and accessories

7. Go the extra mile with a mezzanine floor

Mezzanine floors in sheds give so many options. Something that would be really cool to consider for your customer’s shed retreat is building in a mezzanine floor up top for cosy movie nights in (complete with a projector screen) or a space to crash the night after a few beverages.

8. Keep the bugs out

You know what’s not relaxing? Spiders, roaches and other creepy crawlies in your shed space. When designing a metal shed that can transform into a room for relaxation, working in some planning to prevent or deter creepy crawlies will help a lot. For example, sealing the shed by ensuring that there are no gaps or crevices to get into, and installing fly screens at the windows and doors. 

9. Electrical and plumbing considerations

If the shed is going to function as a relaxation space that is basically an extended living space, it’ll need power and possibly plumbing. Plan for these early in the design process to ensure that everything works out when it’s time for the customer to get this part sorted. Even better if you could help the customer out with this part of the shed building process.

Tailored shed designs, made easy with leading shed software

Quotec is the provider of industry-leading shed software that makes it easy for shed retailers to design and modify the design of sheds for their customers. With Quotec software, you can design, quote and order sheds easily, choosing the dimensions, features, placement and just about everything else.

shed design software showing the design of a custom made shed

Need something extra special? We can do manual custom designs for you too

At Quotec we can create a unique one-off shed to fit the exact lifestyle that you want (or that your customer wants if you’re a shed retailer). 

Whether you’re looking for a shed that is a man cave, she shed, office, bedroom, art room or entertainment space.

As shed industry experts with decades of experience across every area of sheds and in-house engineers, we can create a one-off custom design that meets your needs — no matter how specific or out-of-the-box those needs are.

How to get a custom design for your specialty shed room with Quotec

Here’s how our custom manual shed design process works:


  1. You tell us your needs: Give the Quotec team a brief of what your needs are; the length, width and height of the building, the roof type you’re after, and any other special requests you have.
  2. We’ll give you a quote for us to create you a custom design, based on those needs.
  3. Accept the quote & we get to work: Once the quote is accepted, our design team will set to work and design the first draft.
  4. We’ll get your approval or modifications: We’ll then send you the design for your approval. If you need any modifications, we’ll sort them out and get final sign-off from you once you’re happy.
  5. We’ll create the engineering and certification for council approval.
  6. Your shed will then get ordered and delivered to the site. 


custom designed modern shed with full height windows

For existing shed owners

After the build: how to turn a metal shed into a room you’ll love hanging out in

Are you a shed owner who wants to turn your metal shed into a room that’s comfortable and cosy to be in? Here are a few ideas for you to consider:


Install fly screens if you haven’t already got them

Flyscreens allow you to open your windows for some through breeze and fresh air without letting the flies or mosquitoes on. You might be surprised how little it could cost to get a flyscreen put into your existing shed windows.


Seal your shed the best that you can 

It’s worth getting someone out to take a look at your shed and recommend ways you can seal up any gaps, for weatherproofing and to help deter pests.

Add cooling elements

Sheds can get pretty hot in the Aussie summer (an understatement, we know). Adding a powerful industrial fan, an overhead fan (safely, with the right supports designed in) or even just a couple of standing fans will help a lot.


Add electricity if it’s not already present, or DIY some lighting

If you have the opportunity to get electricity outlets added to your shed, it will go a long way to the enjoyment of your shed, especially if you want it to act as an entertainment or relaxation space. If you don’t have that option, you can consider rechargeable battery-powered fans, and some DIY lighting, like solar-powered fairy lights and other solar-powered light options. Just be sure you place the charging ends near windows when you rig them up.

cosy room with a comfy sofa and interesting lighting in a metal shed.

Add comfortable couches and recliners

Probably the one thing that will make the biggest difference when you turn your metal shed into a room for relaxation is — yup, you guessed it — something to relax on. Don’t be afraid to lash out on an extra luxurious recliner, an extra comfortable couch setting (with plenty of space and seating for guests) and anything else that you think would make your shed room super comfortable to ‘chill out’ in.

Consider multi-purpose furniture

If your shed is short on space (or you take up a large portion of that space with a recliner and a TV), multi-purpose furniture is a cool idea you could use to save on space. There are coffee tables that fold up and out to reveal secret storage compartments under ‘the lid’, and let’s not forget the classic futon chair — that can fold out into a makeshift bed if you have guests that want to stay over after a late night of entertainment and merrymaking.

Transform your shed with comfortable flooring

If your shed is protected against rain coming in from the bottom of the doorway, carpet for your shed is one consideration that can quickly turn a shed into a room. The right flooring can really change the feel of a space.

Design your interior

Go nuts with the design of everything inside your shed, from fairy lights to sports memorabilia to whatever else says ‘comfort’ to you. If you’re looking to turn your metal shed into a cosy room to watch movies or enjoy the game, a couple of comfortable throw pillows, a throw blanket or two and some curtains or blinds will transform the feel of the space.


Whether you’re a shed designer or an existing shed owner looking to turn a metal shed into a room that’s fit for rest, relaxation and impressing guests, we hope that these tips have helped guide and inspire you.