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The Top 7 ways to increase your profit margins

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Quotec is the software you need to completely run your shed business

Quotec’s solutions are created by shed people (of over 45 years), for shed people. Our flagship solutions; Quotec Live and Quotec Now are the game changers you need to take your shed business to the next level; while doing business how you want to.


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Your complete shed retailer software

Quotec Live is the end-to-end shed business platform that enables users to design, quote, engineer and order sheds and structures. Fully specced up and engineer-approved. 


Including a CRM module, a sales dashboard, editable profit margins, flexible supplier arrangements, and so much more.

Quotec Live works in with your existing systems, streamlines your processes, giving you faster, quality outputs, more efficiency and less errors, and can be used however you want.

Cloud-based, with any time, anywhere access and our no-lock-in-contracts policy, Quotec Live shed software truly unlocks your shed business for you.

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Capture more leads + fast-track quotes

Our newest innovation, Quotec Now is another game changer for shed people; and a world-first for our industry. 


Added to your Quotec Live monthly subscription, Quotec Now turns your own website into an interactive, DIY design and instant quoting platform; but one that actually translates directly to shed software, and proper, specced-up designs. It’s sent directly to your Quotec Live back-end (along with the visitor’s details), ready for you to follow up and order or edit, at any time.


Your visitor’s enquiry is turned into a tangible, no-misunderstanding design, you capture more leads than ever before, and your enquiry to quote to design time is transformed from weeks and months to just a matter of seconds. Saving you time and money, and freeing you to work on the rest of your business.

Increase your workflow, profitability and freedom with Quotec

Video Testimonials

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Here's what our customers say

“I can whole heartedly recommend them as the best Shed Software company in Australia!”  — Douglas Mizzi, Instant Shed Quotes

“I’ve been working with the Quotec software for the last year or so, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Matteo, Romina and the team are fantastic, solid support, quick to help out and resolve any issues, and their communication is second to none.” — Lachlan Jones

“After my initial investigations there was one that stood out above all others and that was Quotec. From what I could tell from their website there were no up front charges, no contracts to enter into and I had the option to cancel anytime I wanted, where most of the others wanted up front fees and wanted to lock me into some sort of term or area. Long story, I signed up for the Quotec free 7 day trial , which soon turned into me becoming a user and have been with them ever since. What I found unique about Quotec is that their software is cloud based which suits me as I use Apple products and all I need is a browser to run it. But what’s more important for me is the service they provide. I can call anytime and there is always someone there that can give me a hand with whatever problem I have. I have now built a few of their products and they just work and in comparison to other sheds I have seen , these ones are a fine piece of engineering. I would have no hesitation recommending Quotec to anyone that’s new to the industry or is looking for a high level of service.” —  Michael Gasparotto
“We at Town and Country Sheds came across the brilliant crew from Quotec about 12 mths ago and have found the software to be first class and always being updated.”  — Nigel Davies, Town & Country Sheds

Universal building design software. Builds to all engineering standards.

Quotec Live can incorporate AUNZ, British, US, or any other engineering standard. With options to design buildings manufactured from C section portal frames, angle, tube, pipe, universal, steel beams or timber, portal and truss design.


Our sheds are fully engineered and come with an engineering certificate of compliance to the site that they are to be constructed on.

Minimum Operating Requirements:

You choose how you use Quotec

Your business, run how you'd like it to be run.

Kit reseller

The all-inclusive option for the easiest
shed ordering and reduced user error

With this option, we take care of the purchase orders, logistics, materials, suppliers, and delivery for you. We designed our software so that you don’t have to be a shed industry expert to get started in sheds.


With our help, you can deliver high-quality sheds and designs to your customers, the easy way.


You can move onto other things while the complete Kit of materials is delivered to the end customer.  Easy.

Supply yourself

DIY or mix and match: BOM Buyer
The full-control option for experienced retailers

Use your suppliers, our nurtured suppliers, or a mix of both. BOM (Bill of Materials) buyers have complete control over product, pricing and suppliers. 


Design, quote and then purchase all the documentation you need to go ahead (engineering and BOM), then select the products, pricing and suppliers yourself, and take it from there; you’re in control.

The Top 7 ways to increase your profit margins
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By partnering with Quotec, we give you access to finance options through handypay™

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How to increase your profit margins

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