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Why change is scary, yet vital for businesses success and longevity

And how this applies to the shed industry

As humans, we all fear change to some degree. We feel safe in the certainty of that which we know, as there is comfort and predictability in the familiar. It can be easy and feel safer to stay with the same way of doing things. 


But the thing is, we need to change with the times or we run the risk of getting left behind. Think of a modern world example: say if you refused to get on board with the internet, mobile phones and everything that comes with an interconnected world. A business that was insistent upon sending all of their quotes and completing all of their business dealings by telegram would simply not be able to exist in many industries. 

The importance of change for those in the shed industry

In the business world, the need to embrace change is paramount. That is, if we plan to grow in our success and keep up with, or ahead of, the competition. To continue to deliver in a world where the consumers’ wants and needs determine what we must provide, we must keep with the ability to adapt and change as needed. In the shed industry, this is more the case than ever.

Why embracing change in business is vital

There are so many reasons embracing change is a positive move for any business, those in the shed industry included:

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Why change is essential for your growth in success

Rarely do comfort and growth align. The brands and businesses that really make a difference and make a name for themselves are those who forge the path ahead, those who innovate, and those who create the path that others follow. 

You don’t hear about the company that delivers that same thing that anyone else has been delivering, in the same way, for the same price, for years. You hear about the company that has come up with the world-first innovation, the groundbreaking technology. 

The company providing the solutions that you want. The solutions we have all been seeking. Those leaders didn’t find those solutions by doing the same thing day in and day out. They found them via innovation, forward-thinking, and change.

The fear of change: why is it that holding onto old ways of operating holds us back?

The comfort of the known

In life and in the business world, many of us will naturally flock to the comfort of the ‘known’. Because what is uncertain is scary. But it is needed for change. 


You’re comfortable in the familiar. The familiar is easy. So you don’t seek better. But you know on some level that there are likely better options out there. Staying the same in a changing world seems like the easy way out. But in life and in business, the easy way out is rarely the best option.

The devil that you know

There is a self-destructive attitude that is rife in many businesses held back by their inability to embrace change: the ‘devil that you know’ attitude. The concept is one we’re likely all familiar with. The idea: it’s “better” to do business with someone you already know, even if you don’t like them or their way of doing things, and “better” to stick with the processes that you know have tier limitations – because it’s “better” to stick with the devil you know rather than the devil you don’t. But this idea is based on the premise that we are surrounded by options that are all equally restrictive or flawed and certain to find the same issues with anything we choose to go with; whether it is a business partner, a process, a system or even a business model. This is simply not the case. 


A better business model, a better process, a better system and better partnerships could be just around the corner. We can tell you confidently that they are. And they are not at all as difficult as you think to take on. In fact, slipping into change is easy.

The perceived risk of failure

Fear of change is often driven by uncertainty and the perceived risk of failure. Not fully understanding what is ahead can cause us to dig our heels in and cling to the processes, systems and people that we know – whether they’re good for us or not. But the thing about the future is, you never can predict it. The world and the industry will change, whether we embrace these changes or not. Would you rather be dragged along reluctantly, or walk ahead confidently with a game plan in mind? It’s an empowering thought.

The actual risk of failure

There is an old adage that the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Harsh, but true in a lot of senses. But the thing is, doing something over and over to a fault in the business world not only delivers the ‘same results’ but it actually will more likely decrease your results over time; if you continue to offer the same thing, at the same speed, as you always have, you’re more likely to be left behind as everyone else adapts and grows to provide bigger and better, with faster turnarounds and a higher quality product. 

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Think back for a moment to the example of a business that refused to get with the times and incorporate the internet, emails or mobile phone technology into their business. As today’s consumers expect instant gratification and instant answers, the company that took 3 weeks to deliver the answer to a simple question via mail post would surely be overlooked the second the consumer realised they could get an answer from ten others by simply firing off a quick email request, and receive a response in a fraction of the time.

Change isn’t as scary as it sounds.

Change sounds scary. But take a step and you’re already there in the ‘new’ familiar. How many times in life do we look back and reflect on how much of a difference a big change or a step forward has made in our overall life. Even some of life’s changes that can at the time seem like the end of the world turn out to be the best thing for us. The end of a job that wasn’t quite the right fit sparking a rewarding and enlightening career, the end of a relationship that you didn’t realise at the time was restrictive and controlling and limiting your true potential. There is plenty of this in business too – partnerships that serve one party and not the other. Processes that are slower than the alternatives and will eventually become obsolete. Offerings that might have been fine until now but are lacking in delivering the expectations of consumers today, and tomorrow.

Change can be scary, but it is rarely for the worse. Change is coming, and embracing it is something that is far easier, and far less scary in practice to what we anticipate.

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Change and the shed industry

Change and Innovation to stand out from the pack

The shed industry has many players. When the same shed retailers sell exactly the same products, from the same brands, with the same branding, using the same messages, with the same pricing structures and the same processes – there is nothing to make one stand out from another. 

How to stand out from the pack as a shed retailer

But think for a moment what you could achieve as a shed retailer if you embraced the change of independent business. This doesn’t mean going out on your own. You can do so with support. But outside of the bounds of the rules and restrictions of the traditional shed retail franchise model. You could call your own shots. Use your own brand, logo, and messaging. Create products that reflect your passions, expertise and your unique edge. Provide something different. Choose which suppliers and products you work with. Offer a wider range of options. Operate more efficiently, delivering quotes, designs and end-products faster than your cookie-cutting competition. And most importantly, call your own shots within your own shed retailer business. While controlling the price margins in the way that aligns with your business goals.

Consumer expectations are changing. But so is technology.

In today’s world of instant answers, instant gratification and 24/7 interconnectedness via email, mobile phone, phone call, live chat and more, there is an ever-present demand for answers the moment you request them and a fast response time. In fact, more than half of website visitors will completely abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. 

For all businesses, shed retailers included, we need to keep up with these expectations by delivering instant answers and a fast response, if we’re wanting to achieve our maximum potential. 

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In the same way that consumers will abandon a website after 3 seconds and switch to another, those who come back to their prospects quote requests with solid answers the fastest, with the ability to deliver the end-product the fastest will win over any competitor that is of a similar price range and quality. Hands down, every time. Because once you’ve found the answer to your solution, why would you stop to consider anything else, unless it’s better? Even if it is, if that other ‘better’ answer comes in too late, they’ve missed the boat completely anyway. The job is already signed off on and underway. 

The ability to provide instant answers and a fast product already exists

Quotec’s latest innovation, Quotec Now is a world and industry first. And it provides the solution to this very consumer need: instant answers. Quotec Now trims weeks off the quoting experience by providing the consumer with a live quote for their exact shed design, online, then and there. The design is created by the customer on the shed retailer’s existing website using Quotec Now’s innovative technology. They input their details within seconds and get an instant quote. For that exact design. No back and forth. No need for several rounds of attempts at designing the intended shed based on the customer’s sketches from another program or text in an online form. The exact, specced up shed design is created then and there, quoted instantly, and all the information is sent to the shed retailer. Again, instantly. Everyone is on the same page. And the order can be proceeded with the same day. Not weeks later. But minutes later.


In time, this will become the new ‘normal’ and the expectation of all in ordering a shed. At the current moment, as this is a new innovation and many are trapped in their ‘old’ ways of doing things, this new technology is a leading edge for those who have embraced it. It’s a step up. And it’s just one of the many ways that shed retailers can embrace change for their success and business longevity, now and into the future.

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How do you change for the better as a shed retailer?

So we’ve established the importance of change and the huge step up that embracing a new way of doing things can give you over your competition and even your past operations. 


But how do you do this? By stepping into change and walking towards it with confidence. By taking the chance to try out a better way.

At Quotec, we know that this better way exists. Because it is, in essence, who we are and what we exist for. We exist to provide independence and control for shed retailers, by providing industry-leading shed retailer software and solutions that allow retailers to run their entire business from. While calling their own shots, choosing their suppliers (or working with a range of ours if they prefer), setting their own margins, and running their business to their vision. We do this without the need for long-term – or medium-term or even short-term lock in contracts. Our users subscribe on a monthly basis, with the option to cancel any time with just a few weeks notice. 

It’s easy to make the switch to shed retailer independence

Making the switch is easy. It’s as simple as getting started and trying out the Quotec software. Our software plans have no lock-in contracts, and no commitment. A straightforward month-by-month subscription makes it easy for you to get started and see the benefits first-hand, without risk. 


You can make a switch for a while, and if you don’t love it, switch back to your previous processes. You can even give Quotec a go at the same time as your existing processes and softwares if you like.We’re confident you won’t want to turn back after experiencing the difference, but the option is always there with Quotec. We’re about shed retailer freedom, flexibility and independence. Switching really is just as easy as getting started.

Moving into shed retailer independence doesn’t mean going it alone

Our software and solutions give you everything you need. And we provide options, such as our Quotec Retail solution that gives you even more for shed retailer independence – complete with your own name, brand, logo, website and our famous industry-leading software, that you can run your entire business out of. And, as we’re here for you, we’re always happy to help out with advice where you need it – drawing on over 45 years of industry specific experience. 

Planning for change is as simple as picking up the phone and learning more, or requesting a free demonstration of our leading shed retailer software and solutions. The rest is easy and will follow.

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