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Why Australian steel is best for Australian sheds

The Australian shed industry talks alot about Australian steel. Most of us will highlight we’re using 100% Aussie steel when we explain the quality of our products to new prospects. But those new to the industry may be tempted to look at the cheaper import options. So, what is it that makes Australian steel best for Australian sheds, and why do Aussie consumers care so much about local materials in the sheds they buy? The reasons are many.

Trusted sources for quality steel

When you buy steel through Australian suppliers, you know the source. It’s not unknown as to whether who you’re buying from are actually who they say they are. And you know the standards that these suppliers need to live up to, with strict Australian quality regulations and legislation. 

It’s not just the Australian shed industry that prefers Aussie steel. Several European countries and the United States all prefer to use Australian sheds because of their quality, durability and consistency. And our top steel manufacturers supply to these countries as well as Asia, North America and many other locations globally. There’s a reason for this. It’s because our steel products are known to be of a reliable standard – they need to meet Australian quality standards.

Compliant to Australian Standards

Australian steel products will comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and will utilise design standards such as AS 4100 (Structural steel design), guaranteed values for chemical composition, mechanical properties, method of manufacture, quality control, tolerances on dimensions, and the material standards such as AS1163, 1297, 3678, 3679 and others for testing statistics and work practices. 

If these standards and technicalities don’t mean much to you, all you need to know is this: Australian steel manufacturers are held to high standards that international suppliers are simply not held to. So you know when you buy Australian steel, that the product will meet these standards and quality control measures.

Quality of imported products

Because of our regulations, Australian steel is of a reliable and consistent quality. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are no regulations for China’s steel production – and China being one of the world’s top suppliers in terms of volume, the result is masses of low-quality imports that pose a serious risk of break-down, degradation and structural deficiencies. 

A lot of the time, imported steel has impurities caused by substandard manufacturing techniques. Some imported steel products contain high levels of a chemical element named Boron, which becomes brittle when welded.

A large metal shed with 12m converter beam

Often substandard steel will be easily blown away by the wind, easily degraded by weather and harsh conditions and is often of low quality and thin material – making the steel easily bendable, which of course is not ideal for a shed you would expect to stand the test of time.

These are obviously not ideal choices for a structure that’s intended to last for years in harsh conditions.

Imported products can have a dramatic fluctuation in quality, and being sucked into investing in cheaper materials will most often result in costing you more in the long term as you have to replace substandard materials that don’t live up to the test of time or the elements. 

On the other hand, with Australian steel you know what you’re getting. Quality.

Made tough for Australian Climate

Australia is a country of extreme climates. We have one of the highest UV levels in the world, hot summers and strong sun. And the weather changes in a heartbeat, quickly changing from heat to heavy rain, strong wind, storms and sometimes extreme weather situations. We’re a land of varying weather conditions. And of course, where you are located exactly in Australia can alter the weather conditions you experience more often. 

Australian steel and Australian sheds are made sturdy for our harsh conditions. Built to withstand strong UV levels, high temperatures, strong winds and lashings from the rain. This is because Australian manufactures have to test, build and refine their products in the tough Australian climate.

Australian steel has anti-corrosion elements and is also pre-painted against discolouration. It’s built tough and built to last.

Made for sheds

Sheds are such a part of the Australian lifestyle that the steel industry designs its products to work well with sheds. From boat sheds to caravan cover to barns, mezzanines, carports, she sheds and man caves. The steel industry knows its market and the product supports the demand.

Resonates with your customers

Australian customers care about supporting local. They care about the trust and peace of mind  that an Australian product provides. Australian steel resonates with Australian shed buyers. And that’s more reason than any to use Australian steel for Aussie sheds.

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Supporting our local economy

Using Australian steel on your shed products supports the Australian economy for obvious reasons. Investing in local sources keeps those sources going, keeping the cash flow within Australia and keeping Australian businesses going at all levels of the supply chain.

Supporting local jobs

The steel industry provides jobs for 90,000 – 100,000 people in Australia. By investing in the local steel industry,  you’re investing in jobs for Australians to keep the local industry going strong.

Made ethically and sustainably

Australian laws and regulations also see manufacturers monitored for environmental factors. Their processes therefore need to have minimal impact on the environment. Australian businesses are also subject to monitoring for ethical practices and are required to treat their workers in line with Australian employment law.

Reliable industry

The Australian steel industry is not one that is going to fall down any time soon. So many industries rely on the steel industry, and as the rules of economics go, when the demand is consistent, the supplier remains in a sustainable position. The manufacturing and construction industries contribute to 48.7% and 42.6% of the steel industry’s demand respectively. Mining takes care of the remaining 5.3%.

What does this mean for us in sheds? As we’re not the only industry buying up the steel, we know that the business of steel distribution in Australia is a sustainable one and not going to fall down anytime soon. Especially if we, members of the shed industry and steel industry, continue to invest in Australian sources.

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Manufacturer's warranty

The top Australian steel manufacturers all come with a warranty, so you can rest assured that the company backs its steel to not fail. But you also have the peace of mind in knowing that if it does, you’re not going to be out of pocket because of it. Warranties protect you, the buyer. And a warranty with a company located in Australia is far more accessible than one from overseas. 

Easy to work with

Australian steel is much easier to work with from a logistical standpoint. Getting your resources from a local supplier means a faster turnaround time, faster (and usually cheaper) delivery, and easier communication – all within the same time zone, with open communication lines in most scenarios. And as you know what you’re getting quality-wise, you know it’ll work for the job you need it to.

So with all these factors in mind, choosing Australian steel for Australian sheds is a no-brainer, for a range of reasons spanning from quality and durability to predictability, ease of business and reliability.

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