Method Behind The Madness

John Montesalvo
Jeff Butterworth
Romina Roncali
Matteo Roncali

Manufacturer, franchisor, licensor, retailer. 43 years industry experience, 20 years in shed software.  Prefers single malt whisky, cohiba cigars & calm lapping water views.

32 years of developing software across debt collection, retail & shed industries for desktop, mobile and web. When not developing the best shed software, he can be found chilling in the surf.

10 years and going strong with Quotec. Experience in software & web development, digital media, retail sales, manufacturing & production. Catch her by the campfire strumming her guitar.

Ex-shed erector, current project manager and specialist designer. 6 years experience in retail sales, building & construction.  You’ve never seen a human eat as much as this man can.

‘Quotec’ has been a tool for the shed wholesaler industry has been around for close to 20 years. During the early 2000’s Quotec was the industry leader in providing software solutions to shed wholesalers around Australia. Developed on a local Windows database, Quotec geared individual retailers with tools to design, calculate and sell sheds and garages. But as technology evolved, so did the need to reassess the existing Quotec platform.

Fast forward two decades, the vision of Quotec Live commenced in late 2016 with an idea, coffee and a team of enthusiastic individuals. During the initial stages, development proved what was previously unheard of – that a shed design and calculating tool could be placed on the cloud in a realistic, fast and 3-Dimensional form. Alas, there was no point having sophistication without substance. This is when the real bones of Quotec Live began to unfold. Ideas, designs, concepts and epiphanies began to mushroom in the hearts and minds of team members. Days became nights, nights became months and, at long last the passion and obsession of the founders created a truly magnificent and powerful piece of software.

Quotec Live isn’t just about designing and calculating a product. It’s about creating a user experience that empowers the retailer to make fast, educated, efficient and economical decisions about the design and costing a shed, carport, garage, awning, barn or mezzanine floor. The practicality of Quotec Live means that the creators considered what the seller needs to do to run his or her business, how to efficiently check and place orders, how to schedule delivery and construction of products and how to keep track of customers, scheduling and sales.

We the team at Quotec pride ourselves on developing a world first tool that seeks to turn the industry around as our competitors try to keep up. Quotec Live has now set the pace for new things to come.

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